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Would you like to play a significant role in curbing Medicare waste and fraud?

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The SMP program offers volunteers an opportunity to make an important difference in their communities throughout Wisconsin.

Volunteers empower Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers to minimize waste and fraud to uphold the integrity of Medicare. Volunteers take pride in working to ensure that the Medicare program will be protected for future generations.

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SMP Volunteers Across the Country Have Proven to be a Vital Part of Carrying out the SMP Mission.

By volunteering for SMP you can invest in your community, potentially saving beneficiaries money and improving their quality of life. Volunteer involvement ranges from distributing materials, staffing a booth at fairs and outreach events, to giving group presentations.

With a strong state-wide network, we can work together to help safeguard Medicare and its beneficiaries. We can reduce the amount of needless waste, a reduction that benefits all of us. We can become better health care consumers.

About The Volunteer Screening Process
Volunteer Roles:
  • Information Distributor
  • Exhibitor
  • Presenter

Volunteer Testimonials

"I’m so happy I had this opportunity to meet the other SMP volunteers. This is an energetic group. And it’s growing in size. That’s exciting!"

Doug Wolak, Waukesha

"As a brand-new volunteer, not quite sure what I was getting myself into, I've been reassured by the amazing amount of organization and preparation that went into both my initial orientation and this educational retreat with other volunteers in Madison."

Pam Gray, Eau Claire
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