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Protect Yourself from Medicare Fraud

Senior Medicare Patrol hosted a virtual one-hour panel discussion in spring of 2022 about how to prevent, detect, and report Medicare fraud, abuse, and errors. The discussion includes an overview of the SMP program, a summary of a fraud case in Wisconsin, an explanation on how the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) system works in Wisconsin, and how ADRCs and SMP work together, along with a personal account from an SMP volunteer on his connection to the program and why he feels it is important.

The panelists are Ingrid Kundinger, Project Manager with SMP; Attorney Kate Schilling, Legal Services Manager, Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, Inc.; Carol Martin, Elder Benefit Specialist from the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC); and Doug Wolak, an SMP volunteer from Waukesha.

Over $60 billion a year is the estimated cost of Medicare fraud, abuse, and errors. Being informed is key to combating fraud and reducing waste in the health care system. We can all become more informed health care consumers and help mitigate these losses. Click here to watch this virtual one-hour panel discussion.