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Norma Dorn

Norma has been living in WI for more than 40 years and loves it, especially the Northwoods! She is married, has two sons, and three grandchildren.

Norma had a variety of work experiences as a Registered nurse and her passion is caring for and about others. She also loves being an advocate for people’s medical needs, especially the elderly, and helping them to navigate the healthcare system.

Norma believes the more you give, the more you receive. She has been involved in volunteering most of her life. She is currently volunteering with 5-Stones, Dodge County (providing awareness and education about sex trafficking), the local food pantry, Meals on Wheels, Grief Support group, and church visitation.

She is looking forward to this opportunity to educate others how to prevent, detect, and report health care fraud and working with the team at SMP.